Begin the Celebration of Love with Rose Day

Rose day is considered the beginning of the Valentine’s Week, which starts from 7th February every year. Before going deeper on how Rose Day is celebrated, let us know about Valentine Week, one of the most quixotic weeks of celebrating love. The eight days of Valentine’s Week represent eight beautiful stages of love. Rose Day is celebrated to express your loved one that how much you care.

Rose Day does not have any particular way to celebrate, just as love follows no rule. The whole idea is to show your partner that you care. You can express your care by simply gifting a single rose or a bunch of 1000 roses or merely by whispering that you care.

Be it a love at first sight or a desire to know someone better, Rose Day is the perfect day when you could express your feeling to him/her. This day can help you to kick start the Valentine’s Week one a romantic note. It’s the best day to get prepare for the next day i.e. Propose Day, signaling your intentions through a beautiful rose before asking him/her to go out on a date or asking to get hitched.

You can use different colors of roses to express your feelings and emotions. By presenting a rose of a special color, you can express your intentions clearly. For instance, a red rose symbolizes passionate and romantic love, yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and care, orange roses represent desire to know someone better, lavender roses symbolize love at first sight, pink roses represent admiration and thankfulness, and white roses are considered a sign of purity, peace and secrecy.

Rose Day expresses your care for your loved one, so it can be celebrated by anyone, irrespective of age. So, just spread the love and express your care by gifting a lovely rose on 7th February to your special one.

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Rose Day is the commencement of the Valentine’s Week, which is a perfect day to express your partner that you really care and love.